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osu! progress log:

I am making this in the hope that someone might find it intresting or helpful if they for some reason want to have a detailed report of how I improved over time in this game.


thinking about moving over to clickx, I think it's a more well rounded playstyle than tapx, the real only things it lacks are practical vibrostreaming and rebounds. I don't really care for vibrostreaming anymore so I don't mind that aspect but I might miss the speed that rebounds offer, however, just about everything else seems to work a lot better on clickx, such as cursor stability, as well as mouse buttons being easier to get good accuracy on, with the combination of a higher polling rate and the tactile feedback. However this mouse that I have right now might not be the best idea to play seriously on. The buttons on it seem to not rebound hard enough? I'm not sure but it feels like it's a lot harder to get off the button after clicking than it really should be, I lose like 20 bpm of clicking speed (like 135bpm/i.e270 singles down to 115 bpm/i.e230 singles legit) Plus it's wired, which isn't a deal breaker but I may as well go for a wireless if I'm getting a new mouse anyway. I got a reccomendation from doki to have a look at cooler masters mm731, which I'm highly considering. It's only very recently released as of me typing this, but if the reviews are all looking really good, I'm gonna go ahead and spring for it. If it's bad I think I'm going to go for the origin one x or the pwnage ergo or smth like that.


haven't played for real in a second, played a bit of precision ig? School Summer quarter started a couple days back and it is rather difficult. I've got around 10 hours of work per day, because summer quarter is a significant amount shorter than normal quarters, but still has to put the same amount of content as a normal class. fun. anyway, this means I probably won't be playing again osu until mid-august.


ended up playing a bit anyway (~1k plays) in the past couple days. Hands feeling kinda better, and I have a new technique that I'm working on that almost completely mitigates the progression of the stress on my hands. I figured out that it was mostly caused by my posture, as my chair was far, far too low. I also made some adjustments to my armrests and am working towards making my taps lighter. However I noticed that my pen hand has had it's speed severely reduced for some reason.

some scores I got:

^angry about this one, would have been not only my highest tapx alt score by ~40pp but it would have also been my highest pp score in general

this too

(highlight past 7 days)

currently 30/100 of my top plays are with tapx alt, trying to see how long it takes me to get to halfway and eventually 100/100.


fucking bombed the placement test get owned at least I'm not failing my classes anymore but I need to take it again sometime soon so I can actually register for classes L and go to college on time


gonna take that test in a couple days but I'm not so sure that my hands are all the way ready to play, I felt a little bit of burning just from playing an fps, I should probably talk to a doctor before returning to the game but I'm worried about the potential cost lmao


Well, my hands are feeling a ton better, I haven't had any pain in a decent amount of time, I could probably return now and be fine, but I'm keeping up on the "Will complete placement test before returing to circle game" part of the deal, so it will probably be like another week until I'm back on the game for real.


collegeboard fucking cancelled my SAT appointment for no reason. I am pissed. Next time I can take is in august, I will not be doing the condition of not playing until completing the SAT anymore, now just the math placement test. Hope I do well but, dear god, am I terrible at math.


Break still going well, feeling better every day, but still not quite all the way there yet. I've made a new condition, where I won't play any osu until I've successfully completed the SAT and this math placement test, which will be in at least a week if not longer. I'm at a little over one week of not playing osu, and in a short while, this break will be the longest one I've taken since my 1.5 year long one from spring 2019 to winter 2020


hands feel a ton better, but I'm going to wait for at least until june to play again, not making this mistake again.


ok well I fucking bombed in that tournament match I mentioned on the 18th, all that ended up happening is taking my hands tendons into the worst shape they have ever been in. Legit right now I feel like if I feel like doing a single triple would cause my hands to do a haxmoney

completely unable to play, for at least a couple weeks. Sad, but I want to be able to you know, use my hands in the future.

Theres a new hotfix around the corner that is absolute dogshit. It buffs high acc on high bpm jumps a ridiculous amount, like a play by fyre, on a literal 7 star map (calypso) becomes her top play. The map gets buffed a whole 200 pp from 400 to 600. There's a bunch of other things wrong with it, that's just the main one that came to mind, basically all jumps above 300 bpm get buffed to shit for no good reason and actually good plays stay the same or get nerfed. I have no idea what the fuck xexxar was on when he was making this, I unironically cannot belive this is actually getting pushed. This may actualy be the worst hotfix in ppv2 history if this goes on as is.


I am confident that the reason that speed takes so long to get good at is because of how much more straining it is than literally anything else you can be doing in this game, christ. Legit my play sessions got cut in half, from maxing out at 6 hours when I was a nomod/hr jump player versus no more than 3 after I started playing dt speed. Crazy.


school and hands being kinda injured tbh means that I probably won't play again until june outside of this one tournament match

I made a few scores despite having my wrists kinda cripled, and with a decent amount of pain while playing. I really, really need to stop playing when my hands hurt, god.


hands mildly trolling, I made a collection of some dt maps I wanted to play. Here are a few scores I got last night


hands feel better now thats cool here's some scores:


School still because fuck you, also much longer break from the game now because I feel like I'm taking breaks more than I am actually playing nowadays, so probably taking maybe a full two weeks off instead of a couple days, to let my fingers heal, and also so I can focus on my schoolwork. I fucking hate math and it's probably because I suck at it. how do I not suck at it this is important I know like 8th grade level math and I go to college in 4 months


my fingers don't work L


For absolutely no good reason I have not updated this site in 20 ish days. no reason I just didn't feel like it. Still been playing the game though, feeling much much better at streams now this past week or so, check these scores out

this last one is pretty sick ngl I had to try for this a decent amount because I'm mega mindblocked on one of the opening jumps, but this is like a whole 4% higher than any other run I have on this map

I fixed my old 93% acc fc on this map, and actually gained ranks for the first time in almost 3 months woo

this map is so fucking overweighted LMAO, got ranks off of it tho

this one is just kinda funny tbh


still on break from the game to let my hands heal and I also have to study for my finals so that works out pretty nicely. Finals are over on friday, so I'm gonna have that as the day my break ends. Also then I get a 2 week spring break which I should hopefully be able to mostly play through, hopefully I can get some serious gains there.


Still taking a break from the game to let my hands heal. Posting here because I did a bit of mapping today:

got a super useful mod from matrix, I think I'll end up hitsounding this maybe making some other diffs and then either graveyarding it and moving on or pushing it for rank idk yet


Quarter's coming to a close, I have to study for my finals ig need to finish with at least a passable GPA lol

I didn't get any super cool scores since my last post, although I was kinda proud of passing this

oh yeah I also got a decent rog unlimitation score

dude I'm so inconsistent on streams lol

I think I just need to play more streams or something idk but its super variable if I'll be feeling the streams that run or not, kinda hard to describe. Also tapx has "coordination statmina" where you aren't physically getting tired but on longer streams you start to get out of sync as they go on

anyway I'm gonna go watch -gn play unforgiving FL


This break is for my hands sake but holy hell I can just feel my speed draining from me every day I take off lmao, I think this is why so many speed players have high playcounts, because every time they take a break from the game they have to spend time getting their speed back up


Todays log is just a multi day compilation of some plays I got when practicing speed in my first few days of trying to practice it

I'm mostly keeping it lower than 250 because anything higher is just mashing for me for the most part and I want to keep my tapping as delibirate as possible, with the exception of d2 which I played because it's really fun despite being really hard. Anyway my hands hurt now so I'm going to take a small break from the game


yea fuck it I'm pushing speed, going to start on easier stuff first of course, I'm taking most of the maps from this:


I may just be getting impatient but I do think that I'm starting to outgrow that previous low bpm rule that I set for myself

I decided to just go ahead and start slowly pushing up the bpm's now, I can play sub 200 bpms pretty solidly now, and I even have pretty alright (only like 1-3% lower than on zx already lmao) on 1/2 rhythms, although my streaming acc at all bpms still leaves something to be desired

also I started playing osu!mm again for the first time after switching to tap x alt since I'm finally good enough to play it again. I'm still like a six digit in skill right now but I can sorta still hold my own against the 20k-70ks I was playing before since the mappools are still in the 3.5-4.5 star range generally, so I'm just playing stuff that's a lot closer to the maps I play normally than they are. It's helping with my consistency quite a bit, and the issues with pen hand forgetting to tap are starting to come up less and less


Whatever dude I gave up I didn't want it to take longer than two months to get a not completely stupid 5 star fc on the board so here it is in all of its boring glory

It's not the worst thing in the world, and doesn't really violate my personal "keep to lower bpms" rule that I set for myself since its like 200 bpm but I still would have rather it been something a little cooler, or even something with a single 1/4th in it lmao.

I really wish it had been this though tbh


I haven't been able to add to this that often because my quarter is coming to a close so I have to study for my exams and finish all this paper I really don't want to do but whatever, once that's all over I should be able to make pretty frequent additions to this log

I know that I'm really close to being able to fc a 5 star dude I'm really close


Today marks one month since I started tap x alt, I am really enjoying it so far, and I have started to push towards the 5 star range. I don't have any 5 star fc's yet but I'm getting close. I could probably fc one right now today if I just wanted to play some shameless farm but I don't really enjoy the standard way I used to farm before I switched anymore. IDK ig.

I have the coordination to play a good amount of patterns on sub 200 bpm now for the most part. Streaming is still really hard but its actually going a bit quicker than I thought it would go. I started not even being able to stream 120 on od6 for even 5 notes and now I can stream 180bpm in bursts semi accurately at od8

I got this yesterday for example, its a 185 bpm stream burst map. It's only od7 so kinda not as cool but you get the point.


Today, I mentioned to speedrunssin (tap x alt pass player, who also wrote a guide on reddit that I read several times over in my first few days on the playstyle when I was looking all over the place for guides) that I was learning tap x alt, and he contacted me on my twitter dms and we had a discussion about the technique

this was super cool honestly and I learned a lot! I'm really glad I managed to talk to him since a lot of how I learned the technique can be attributed to him (and doki ofc since a lot of that guide is inspired from him too

In other news, I have this really annoying problem I've run into with my tapping, it's always been a thing, but I'm only really noticing it now because I'm getting a little more consistent at the style.

Essentially, on my tablet hand, I will sometimes completely lock up when trying to tap (mental not physiscal), and its getting insanely annoying because I could literally have a 5 star fc by now if I wasn't doing this

Literally all of my misses look like this wtf I'm aiming the notes most of the time its just me not tapping

anyway here are some scores I got

that last one is dt which I said I was going to try to avoid but whatever its a lot easier


trying my best to avoid super high bpm stuff before I have my technique more refined so that I don't develop mashing habits, I want to at least be able to perfectly alt sub 200bpm patterns before I work on anything higher


Let's go dude I fc'd a 4 star

kinda lame but I got kinda impatient and decided to just go ahead and get this


(written on a later date) I switched to tap x alt two days before this date, but I switched to the style completely on this day, and I have not seriously played zx once since. I switched because I thought the style was really cool and I also wanted the speed associated with reaching a high level with this style.

It was really difficult at first, I couldn't even comprehend the simplest patterns and I had to start out on the slowest maps I could find. I played a lot of long maps so that I could get more training quicker

I played the nightcore mix compilation pretty often in my first few days and managed to start to sort out the coordination that was needed to properly alternate even sub 150 bpm patterns

old stuff (before tapx alt, this stuff is kinda boring tbh):

I am currently just about to hit my 3rd year of having an account on the game, but I actually quit the game from summer of 2019 up until november of 2020, due to burnout and tablet issues. I got back into the game and am having fun with it again, currently working on hardrock skill and acc. I will keep this posted with new updates on cool things I manage to pull off

10th Jan 2021: Just started playing osu!mm this is super fun