I am a learner of the Japanese language!

Why am I learning Japanese?

There's no real wrong reason to learn Japanese, so I don't mean to demean anyone else for their reasons for learning, but I'm learning primarily because I think the language is really cool, secondly because it's the only language spoken by living members of my family other than english(note: I am not japanese), and also by the majority of our family friends. A more minor reason is that I may pursue higher education in Japan idk. I'm not that big of a fan of anime anymore honestly, I watched a ton when I first got into it but I lost intrest in it pretty quickly tbh. I still love Japanese culture in general though, however I will agknowlege the socio-economical problems in Japan today - I'm not a completely shameless weeb, the country absolutely isn't perfect, despite my love for the culture

What does my progress in the language look like


no but seriously, I'm still pretty terrible at the language ngl.

a short list of what I have so far